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At Shrey Innovations we provide personalized home & office automation solutions, which can be controlled virtually from anywhere. Since 1990 we are in the field of IT Hardware, Software & Computer Networking, and later we entered in the field of Home & Office Automation to integrate almost every electrical and electronic devices in the home in a contemporary way making life smart, secure, convenient and comfortable with keeping in mind the concept of energy and environment saving.? Our mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate thermostate, lighting, music, video, security and energy in a single room or throughout the entire home. And we believe life is better when everything works together smoothly.

Why we ?

There are too many reasons - but ultimately, It's all about CHOICE.
At Shrey Innovations is a lifestyle company, inspired by ideas that promise more comfort, convenience, fun and peace of mind for our customers. We are consistently driven to find ways to live smarter. Our products & solutions are designed to upgrade your lifestyle as they are made exclusively for your day-to-day and special needs. We make your life quicker, easier, smarter and better with latest Age of the Smart Home Technology. We have the solutions to fit virtually every lifestyle and design a system that's right for you. Best of all, Shrey Innovations gives you a perfect solution for the right time, you can add more functionality over the time, when you're ready or as budget allows, so you're never, ever locked in.

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Lighting Home Theater Multi-room Audio Security CCTV & more ...

Lighting  &  Curtains-Blinds

It's true that Special Lighting Scenario can change our mood. So, we have a technology to set the lighting scenario to change our mood and vice verse change the scenario as per your moods. Dimming lighting can also saves energy bills.

Let it Control by it self with timer or sunlight sensor to save your valuable interior with direct harmful sunlight or control it from anywhere as and when you need to keep your privacy. Curtains / Blinds automation in home also eliminates to walk through the home.

Home Theater  &  Multi-room Audio

Enjoy multiplex sound & video quality movies at home at any time. Home theater integrated with thermostate and lighting & curtains allows you to Start / Play /Pause / Stop just by a single touch or even with voice controll.

Our specially designed Multi-Room Audio setup allows you to listen your favorite music from anywhere to anywhere. Let the kids to enjoy their rock music, elders with enjoy classical music and you can enjoy romantic songs at the same time from same source.

Home  &  Office Security

Be safe and secure round the clock, no matter if you are at home or away. Keep alerted every moment with the help of Arm-Disarm, motion, glass break, smoke fire and gas leakage sensors. Also you can watch your home with CCTV, when you are away . . .

Offices can save energy by different sensors like timers and occupancy for lighting and cooling or heating systems. Bio-metric lock and surveillance system increases security of premises and also increases productivity of employees . . .

Lighting  &  Curtains-Blinds

Single Touch of a Scene / Mood Control.

Imagine in the morning curtains opens at 7.00 am, outside garden, porch and backyad lights turns off and in the evening at sunset your outside light turns on and curtains closes at 9.00 PM automatically. Yes, we can put this imagine in reality.

Monitoring all lights affects energy efficiency, because home automation can save up to 35% of electricity. Switching on and off and dimming the light in a group increase commodity, comfort and practicality.

Monitoring the curtains, blinds and awnings can be energy efficient, because it can save remarkable energy when it comes to cooling and heating.

It can be controlled automatically as predefined timing or with direct sunlight like if direct sunlight falls on window the curtains will be closed and as soon as direct sunlight goes curtain will be open automatically to maintain inside environment and to save your valuable interior from direct harmful sunlight.

Home Theater  &  Multi-room Audio

Music in any room, indoors or out.

Imagine, a one touch closes curtains, turns off or dimms the lights, starts thermostats, comes out big screen and projector from ceiling, starts your favorite movie and kicks surround sound.

Isn't it look like a magic? what else you need? Just popcorn and soda? Grab it & enjoy. We can put all these in practicality for your comfort and worry free entertainment.

Our aesthetically designed home theater will deliver stunning high quality video and thunder audio and our state of the art Multi-room audio integration allows you to play your favorite music from any integrated device to any corner of your smart home or you can watch any videos, photos, slides etc. in any room.

Play any media to any room or to all rooms at the same time or from different sources to different rooms at the same time.
Let your kids enjoy their rock & jazz while elder enjoy their classical and you enjoy your all time favorite romantic music, all these at the same time and also from the same source, no matter where your source is located anywhere in your smart home.

Office Automation

Now it's no matter, you are in office or away. you will be in touch with your employee wuth video conference system and can access all the centralized stored documents from anywhere from any devies like laptop, tablets or even from your smart phone.

Offices can save energy in huge amount by different sensors like timers and occupancy for lighting and cooling or heating systems.

Surveillance system and Bio-metric access increases security of premises and also increases productivity of employees . . .

Pool-Spa  &  Fountain-Sprinkler

Control your swimming pool and bath-tub / spa water system. Turn it on while checking your email in phones and it will be ready when you finishes your email reading, which saves your time in morning while we are always in hurry . . .

Of course you can control you indoor or outdoor fountain, sprinklers with timings. So, you don't need to remember to turn it ON / OFF. Scenario with lighting and music with fountain increases beauty of evenings and nights . . .

... and much more whatever you imagine ...

Yes, this is not the end, but it is the first step in the world of Smart Home. You can integrate almost anything like

whatever you want
whenever you want

... and also can change ...
as per your requirement

So, your imagination will be our limitations ...

Home & Office Security / CCTV

No substitute for peace of mind, because home is always within reach.

Home automation with ecurity increases your safety as well as your comfort. A family member with a medical emergency? Grant controlled access to your home from a remote site. You will never have to worry about a key under the flower pot again. Peace of mind with optimum convenience and security.

Pool  &  Fountain-Sprinkler

Enjoying swimming in any weather, any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- What is home automation?
Home automation allows your family to enjoy greater convenience and security in your home by better designing, programming and integrating your electrical & electronics equipment. Home automation consists in the automation of electronic and mechanical devices of households: from lighting to heating, from video surveillance to video intercom functions. The goal is to simplify some domestic tasks, guarantee higher safety to people and generate energy saving, by using an ad-hoc electronic system. Modern electric installations make it possible to optimize the use of electricity, water, gas, avoiding all waste. Moreover, home automation technology allows for carrying out several tasks from a single point, such as switching the lights on and off, set the heating, and close doors. Domestic installations create relation networks between household devices. Because of this integration, several functions can be simultaneously managed with a remote control or by pressing a button.
- What is the scope and range of benefits of Home Automation?
The scope of home automation can range from structured wiring for telephone, video-intercom, Internet, LAN and video, through home theater and Multi room audio, automated lighting control, security, surveillance and key-less entry, to automated control of electric motorized blinds, roller shutters, windows, watering, air-conditioning, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and other appliances. The benefits of home automation can include future proofing, convenience, aesthetics and saving energy. Beautify your home with elegant home automation components like beautiful touch screens remotes, wall switches, or video intercoms.
- Can I install home automation system in my old home or it can be installed in new home ?
Of course you can install it in already built up home.
- Is it too much expensive ?
It is not always true. But it still depends on what kind of furnishing and how much facility and function you are planning.
- What happens in case of power cut??
Each automation can be manually released. Each device connected to the electrical mains will have the same behavior as traditional solutions.
- I have a medium-sized apartment, can I install a home automation system?
Of course. The possibility to benefit from home automation does not depend on the size of the house. There are a lot of prejudices about modern electrical systems, and according to one of them home automation only works for villas and luxury homes. But this is not true. The advantages of home automation are within everybody's reach.
- What happens in case of failure?
In case of failure of a domestic part, the system will be either partially or totally blocked. In fact, should the special domestic functions fail, the system can be managed in a traditional mode with the switches provided on board or connected to the single parts.

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We are passionate about bringing comfort to life ... Together with you!

Making life confort, convenient, safe, secure and colorful keeping in mind for better environment and energy saving.

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