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Thinking a smart home is a brilliant idea, so let's put it in our everyday practical life. Day by day, more and more electronics gadgets coming and  have its own different technology and that makes mesh to our life. So, why not we put it altogether ? Imagine, your lightings works as per your moods, as sun goes down lights glows automatically. Just one touch starts movie, down the shades and feel the surround sound. Locks the doors at night, At Shrey Innovations, we will make it reality and easy to use with centralized control from anywhere, at your finger tips. We provide complete Smart Home and Office Automation Solutions integrating almost everything  like, Lights, Curtain / Blinds, Home Theater, Multi-room Audio, Video Door Phone, Digital Door Lock, Motion, Glass Break, Smoke, Fire, Gas Leakage Alarm Sensors, Video Surveillance,   Automatic Fountain, Sprinklers, Bath & Spa etc.

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Imagine, your garden and porch light goes on automatically as sun goes down, Set scenario as per your moods, it goes on/off automatically as you enter or leave your  home, bath, kitchen, porch, garden pathway, gallery. Also dimming unnecessary lights saves energy. And centralized control gives you control in your hand to control it from anywhere, no matter if you are at home or away.

Curtain - Blinds

Let it Control by it self with timer or sunlight sensor to save your valuable interior with direct harmful sunlight or control it from anywhere as and when you need to keep your privacy. Curtains / Blinds automation in home also eliminates to walk through the home..

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Home Theater

Imagine, a one touch closes curtains, turns off lights, starts thermostats, comes out big screen and projector from ceiling, starts your favorite movie and kicks surround sound. Isn't it look like a magic? what else you need? Just popcorn and soda? Grab it & enjoy. We can put all these in practicality for your comfort and real worry free entertainment. Don't worry, if someone special is pressing door bell while you are in your sound proof home theater, you can see and talk with then through big screen , if you wish. Our aesthetically designed home theater will deliver stunning high quality video and thunder audio.

Multi-room Audio

Our state of the art Multi-room audio / video integration allows you to play your favorite music from any integrated device to any corner of your smart home or you can watch any videos, photos, slides etc. in any room. Play any media to any room or to all rooms at the same time or from different sources to different rooms at the same time. Let your kids enjoy their rock & jazz while elder enjoy their classical and you enjoy your all time favorite romantic music, all these at the same time and also from the same source, no matter where your source is located anywhere in your smart home.

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Home & Office Security

Be safe and secure round the clock no matter if you are at home or away. Keep alerted every moment with the help of Arm-Disarm, motion, glass break, smoke fire and gas leakage sensors. Also you can watch your home with CCTV, when you are away . . .

Pool & Spa

Control your swimming pool and bath-tub / spa water system. Turn it on while checking your email in phones and it will be ready when you finishes your email reading, which saves your time in morning while we are always in hurry . . .

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Fountain & Sprinkler

Of course you can control you indoor or outdoor fountain, sprinklers with timings. So, you don't need to remember to turn it ON / OFF. Scenario with lighting and music with fountain increases beauty of evenings and nights . . .

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